Early Hammond Theaters
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In addition to the Majestic Theater, the Brooks Vaudeville Theatre, the Colonial Theater, there was an ample supply of entertainment in early Hammond. The Towle Theatre is still open and tickets are available. If you want to see a movie preview at the Bijou, click on that tab and enjoy the show.

There was a variety of movies, vaudeville acts, theater and opera all in downtown Hammond.
Developing cities in the United States were proud to display the entertainment offerings of their community
in attempt to show that their city had a lot of culture and was a good place to live. This attracted residents to the area.

Movie goers wait for the box office to open. Movie of the day: The Strange Way.
Sign on the box office window posts the admission at five-cents.

Typical box office in Hammond. Admission is also five-cents. Do you see the man at the lower left. He has a hammer
in his hand and it appears he is fixing the weather stripping or the door stop.

  Yet another theater, The Colonial, on State Street across from the old Edward C. Minas store, actively attracts patrons.

Ladies dress for a night out on the town.




The Brooks Vaudeville Theater was at the same location as the Hohman Opera House. It was on the southwest corner
of Hohman Avenue and State Street. It was built as an "L" shape with entrances both on Hohman Avenue (left looking South)
and on State Street (right, looking west). This was the approximate location of the first JC Penny store during the 1950s
which may have occupied the same "L" shape footprint. The JC Penny store had an entrance on both Hohman Avenue
and on State Street just like the Hohman Opera House.