Growing Up With My Three Sisters...

I had a normal loving relationship with my three sisters.

Nancy was the oldest. She walked me to my kindergarten class and was there to welcome me to Hammond High School (I was a freshman, she was a senior). As a tiny, petite and attractive school girl, she bought a 1957 Chevie convertible (black in color) and would drag race other macho guys that would hang around the drive-in (restaurant). She knew how to drive and she knew how to win. Good role model for a kid brother to have.

Carol was also a cutie. As a little sister I used to lock her in the bedroom closet just to hear how loud she could scream. We enjoyed taking care of our little sister and teaching her how to share. She shared her Mumps, her Chicken Pox, and whatever malady she would bring home from school. I often felt it was her way of getting back at me for locking her in the closet...

Joyce was really the baby of the family. She enjoyed the role so much that she refused to leave home until she was 28! After the three other siblings left home, Joyce took over our bedrooms, our play areas, our pets, and our yard... Since my parents were making more money and spending less on raising children, Joyce could enjoy my parents home in Michigan, my Dad's cabin cruiser, and the television channel changer.

All three added greatly to my life and I was fortunate
to have them as part of my family.


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