The Majestic Hotel and Cafe on Hohman Avenue 

The photo on the right bears a lot of information.   Seen on the card. Hammond Loan and Guarantee, Dental Office entry for S Marrer and Wm Davis; Majestic Cafe signs include - Open All Night; Steaks, Chops, Fish and Oysters - Tables for Ladies -PABST BLUE RIBBON BEER - Billiards and Pool - Cigars, Tobacco, Smokers Supplies.

On the image below you can see a young boy with an arm load of newspapers. He is at his post ready to sell his papers. To the left is a drug store with a bicycle leaning against the front window. It may belong to the newsboy. The Majestic Hotel was located on the east side of Hohman Avenue, and was the second building south of State Street.

(Photo by: A J Schumann of 4070 Lake Ave Chicago  - circa 1910)

You get a better idea of the location of the Hotel Majestic by looking at the postcard image above.
Taken from State Street looking West toward Hohman Avenue,
the Hotel Majestic is the second building south on Hohman Avenue, center left.


Here is a rare photograph of two bartenders at the cafe bar of The Majestic Hotel on Hohman Avenue. Pay attention to the details of the picture to learn more. For example, look at the mirror on the wall behind the cash register. To the right (over the shoulder of the man in the center) you will see the side reflection of the man standing to the far right. But look at the mirror over the right shoulder of the bartender in the center. You will see a reflection of the cash register but you will also see the reflection of another person, possibly two. One is wearing a hat but appears to be to the very extreme right of the scene, out of the picture. This is one reason why we try to present high resolution pictures so that you may see all of the interesting elements of the picture.

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