Hammond's Pullman Standard
The M-4 Tank
Local Major Support for the War Effort

In addition to railroad cars, the Pullman Standard Car Company was called upon to produce military
arms and vehicles.  The M-3 and M-4 Sherman tanks were built in south Hammond near 165th & Columbia.
It provided high paying jobs for the region and a great deal of patriotic pride in addition to winning the war.



Workmen at Pullman Standard look over a few of the huge M-4 tanks manufactured at the factory in Hammond. A 75mm cannon is carried in a revolving turret that enables the gunner to swing in a complete circle. The Pullman Standard plant provided tanks for the Allies in World War II. Tanks even lined the drive into the factory on 165th Street. (Source: Hammond Times)




Carefully loading the M-4 Tank onto a rail car.




Click here to watch the M-4 Tank in operation.



Notice that the number on the side of the tank has been scratched off.
Enemy spies would often monitor production numbers to see how many war machines were being made.
Photo Credit: Chicago Sun-Times

Hammond workers put the finishing touches on one more M-4 heading for the front.
Photo Credit: Chicago Sun-Times

Also in production, shells for the M-4 arsenal are cleaned and polished.
Worker at lower right is putting final assembly to the shell.
Photo Credit: Chicago Sun-Times  

A M-4 Tank rests outside the WWII Hall of Fame in Washington, D.C.


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