Thomas Alva Edison Elementary School
Hammond, Indiana

1936 - 1991

Interior Photos

  "These photographs on the left were taken in December of 1970, admittedly on a cheap half-frame 35mm camera I'd bought while serving Uncle Sam in Asia during that Vietnam thing. I came back to America to visit my mother in La Porte, and decided to stop in Hammond along the way to take some pictures.

"My name is Glen Edward McGlothlin, and I graduated from 8th grade at Edison in the Spring of 1962, after which the family moved to La Porte, where I graduated from high school before moving on to Purdue University. "

-Glen McGlothlin


  Front of Edison Elementary School. Notice the Terra Cotta Pillar Caps above and between the windows on the second floor. They have been preserved and used in the design of the new Edison School. They were designed by George Grant Elmslie and are the brown images to the right and left of our masthead above. The iron "Snowflake" crest in the above center of the entrance welcomed generations of students.  

This haunting picture taken through the door window, shows student desks waiting for their next class of young Edison students. Room 220.

    The second floor landing near the Principal's Office still bears the sign at the far right for "Hallway Rules"... which included "no running"... "stay to the right," "no skipping steps"...  

At the top of the first set of stairs was the welcoming desk, the Edison plaque to the left and the bronze dedication plaque to the right.

    The Directory of Teachers
identifies the 1970 staff at Edison Elementary School in Hammond, Indiana in this photo. For a larger image, right click the image and "view" it in its larger form.

Some teachers 1959-1962:
Mr. Funk - Shop
Mr. Dycus - Band/Orchestra
Mr. Best - Boys' Gym
Mr. Bailey - 7th Grade Science
Mr. Jacobson - Math
Mr. Siberniak - 7th Grade Home Room
Mrs. Scott - 8th Grade Home Room
Mrs. Vernon - 1st Grade
Mrs. Morgan - 2nd Grade
Mrs. Adene Richey - 6th Grade
Mrs. Lykke - English
Mr. Walters - Social Studies
Mr. Harbison - Arithmetic
Mrs. Johnson - Music
Miss Bennema - Art


Inside a classroom, the sun begins to set
on the room that students called "home" for
so many years. Room 220

    Remember the hours spent practicing in
the Band Room? Here a music stand faces the
front of the room to catch the band director's eye.

From 1959-1962, Mr. James Dycus was the band director. He retired in 1981.
    We are indebted to Glen McGlothlin for the photos on this page. We tried to contact him for permission but the email request did not go through. His website may be visited at: