The Hohman Opera House
Hammond, Indiana - 1881



The Hohman Opera House was the creation of Caroline Hohman who developed the Hohman Block in downtown Hammond. The Hohman Block consisted of the buildings between State Street on the north, Sibley Street on the south, and fronted Hohman Avenue on the west side of the street. It opened in 1881 and was not only used for theatrical purposes but served the residents of the Hammond community for various events.  The First Christian Church and the First Baptist Church both began by having church services in the Hammond Opera House until they were able to build their new church buildings.

The Brooks Vaudeville Theater was at the same location as the Hohman Opera House. It was on the southwest corner of Hohman Avenue and State Street. It was built as an "L" shape with entrances both on Hohman Avenue (left looking South) and on State Street (right, looking west). This was the approximate location of the first JC Penny store during the 1950s which may have occupied the same "L" shape footprint. The JC Penny store had an entrance on both Hohman Avenue and on State Street just like the Hohman Opera House.



Here are the descriptions of the Hohman Opera House given by the Julius Cahn's official theatrical guide,
an annual trade publication for the theater community

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