Goldblatt's Department Store



There probably is no way to appropriately pay tribute to the presence and history of the Goldblatt's Department Store in downtown Hammond, Indiana.

The four-story retail department store, complete with a lower-level basement, was the largest retail department store in the state of Indiana and had everything that the public could possibly want in a department store.

Goldblatt's was located on the west side of Hohman Avenue between
Sibley (on the north) and Rimbach (on the south).



Visit the meat market and deli in
Goldblatt's basement...







Before the intercom system, Goldblatt's used a bell with
a distinct sound to communicate within the four story
complex.  To listen to the Goldblatt Bell, press here.




  Above is a photo of the Goldblatt's Department Store in Hammond, Indiana. Behind the car making a right hand turn below the Walgreen sign and across the street, is the window for their annual Christmas display.

Now famous photograph of Goldblatts Department Store, looking south on Hohman at Sibley.  Early 1950s when women wore skirts and life was simple. This corner window at Goldblatts always presented the newest toys for the Holiday Season as featured in Jean Shepherd's Christmas Story.

It is where Ralphie first saw the Red Ryder BB Gun. They always had electric trains on display.










  Here is the assortment of "Little Boys" toys, suggested by one of the local department stores just in time for Christmas.

We have the Lincoln Logs, a wooden toy train (remember it was during WWII and metal was used in the war effort); some Jumbo Stencils, and other creative toys...




"Going up...."

And then, of course, after selecting your favorite toys for your "Wish List", you had to pay a visit to Santa in order to let him know that you have been "good" and thus deserve to receive what is on your list. This picture was taken with the Goldblatt's Santa during the late 1940s...



The Higbees Department Store featured in Jean Shepherd's  movie "The Christmas Story" was really supposed to be the corner window of Goldblatt's Department Store on Hohman & Sibley in Hammond, Indiana. The Goldblatt's Christmas window is where kids lined up each year to pick out their favorite toy to put on their Christmas Wish List. In the movie, the Red Ryder BB gun was displayed in this Christmas window and started the storyline that always ended with the warning:

"You'll shoot your eye out, kid!"

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