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Goldblatt's Department Store
was by far, the largest department store in Indiana! Originally named Lions Department Store and then "Kaufmann and Wolf" it was sold to the Goldblatt brothers in Chicago. Four stories (count 'em) of shopping all under one roof. And the basement of Goldblatt's was enough to stir the patriotic hearts of any European immigrant. I would often venture into the bowels of Goldblatt's basement to smell the sausages and meats not found in our local grocery store. The sight of Ox Tail, Pig's Feet, brains and Calves' Tongue, were enough to make initiate your conversion and have you become a vegetarian. The clamoring of foreign languages, the varying dress of shouting customers at the meat counter, the multi-colored babushkas, and the smell were all like a trip to the United Nations.

At Christmas time this was the place to be! Windows were filled with animated elves, angels and Santa's helpers. Electric trains would be displayed each year to welcome the charm of the Christmas Season.

The wonderful Goldblatt Department Store is now a vacant lot. The deteriorating downtown Hammond gave up one of its star attractions.

(Jean Shepard refers to Goldblatt's in several of his stories, published in
"In God We Trust; All Others Pay Cash"
available at your local library.)