The German Lutheran Church

The City of Hammond attracted a large German population based upon the meatpacking plant and other related industries in the latter part of the 19th century.

A large German Bank was established on the corner of Hohman and Sibley, to serve the banking and financial needs of the industrious and hard working German citizens.




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Church Membership Book from 1903


  You can page through the 1903 Church Membership book with listings of members and their Hammond addresses, old advertisements and photos. There are no telephone numbers since no one had telephones in 1903.

If you are a relative of German ancestry who may have attended this congregation, it will have historical importance to you and your family.

Caution: The text is all in German...


  The original church building of the German Lutheran Church.
  The original parsonage,
home of Pastor Braun in 1903
    Inside the old church, the original pipe organ and wooden pulpit.