HHS Faculty    
        Our teachers at Hammond High School turned out to be rather outstanding!
One never knows if they have had a good education or a bad education until
after they graduate, go out into the world and compare their knowledge with the knowledge of those around you, and then it is too late.

As a measure of dedication to the profession, many of the teachers who were on board at HHS in 1944 (according to the 1944 Dunes) were still at HHS when we were there. See how many of the teachers in this 1944 HHS photo you can identify...




"Hammond High School Faculty - 1944"

        Back to Front-
First Row:
Dunham, Pittenger, King, Gekeler, Diercks, Wood, Overman, Witham, Schubert.
Second Row: Long, Beyer, Jacobson, Huffine, Dewalt, Bolt, Fruehling.
Third Row: Parvis, Scott, Kessing, K. Williams, H. McCullough, Kennedy, E. McCullough.
Fourth Row: Dickinson, Reeder, Dietrich, Bollenbach, Thomas, Strange, Schubkegel, Robinson.
Fifth Row:
Allman, McGranahan, Comer, Alderton, Hawver, Thiel, Robards, M. Williams.


Thanks for this photo - it is great! I know there were several still there
when I graduated - as soon as I can find my old yearbook, I'll see
which ones; but I do remember Schubby the art teach, talk about a
babe with five colors of hair and huge silver jewelry, I'll never forget
her - my inspiration to become an artist!
-JEAN BISBEE 1963, Jan 5 2002

Esther C. Waterbury

                 One of the most demanding yet popular teachers at HHS was a  teacher who demanded
perfection.  Teaching the importance of breath control and the effects on the sound it produced left
many of her students with a better appreciation for music.


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A.T. Bolt - Journalism


March 25, 1988

A memorial service will be held at 7:30 tonight at McCoy Funeral Home in remembrance of former Hammond artist and educator A.T. Bolt. Remembered in the area for his gently humorous "chalk talks," Bolt, 88, died Monday in Huntsville, Ala. A Hammond High School journalism teacher for 28 years, he became director of the school's publications before retiring in 1974.




Physics Teacher, J.H. Wood

What a great group photo. I was Mr.Wood's lab assistant during my jr. and
sr. years. He made sure I went to college when I didn"t think I could
afford the tuition, room and board. He found a scholarship for me. I
enjoyed seeing how young Bob King, the wildcat coach looked.
Thanks for the memories.
-DOROTHY HAMILTON 1953, Feb 24 2002

Jeez! There's Miss McGranahan! How could I ever forget her. An iron
fist in a velvet glove if there ever was one. Remember how she would
start out? "People, I think it would be fun if we...." then WATCH
OUT! Something ghastly was on the way, like outlining sentences
from Heart of Darkness or some Thomas Mann novel! Remember
how she LOVED outlining sentences? It was excruciating but I
really learned English grammar from that wonderful old gal. Thank
you Miss McGranahan wherever you are!
-DENNIS KINNANE 1964, Mar 4 2002

And the Winner is...

Olga Schubkegel - Art

If you liked fur coats and dangling ceramic earrings made-at-home, you would love
HHS's art teacher, Olga Schubkegel! One of the more memorable characters to walk
the hallways of Hammond High School's third floor, this photo, which appeared in the 1966
edition of The Dunes, shows Miss Schubkegel accepting the Art Teacher of the Millennium Award.
Afterwards she learned that the plaster-of-Paris mold was only an image of a dwarf, submitted
by a Freshman student for a course grade. Michael Jackson! You are not alone!

When I graduated from HHS in 1959, I had a four-year track scholarship
at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. Realizing that I came from Hammond High,
my Drake track coach, Bob Karnes, wanted to introduce me to University of Kansas
track coach, Bill Easton. Coach Easton had been the track coach at HHS before
going to coach at Drake and then onto Kansas. Coach Easton was featured in
the movie, Running Brave, telling how Easton had coached Billy Mills, a South Dakota
Sioux, to a Gold Olympic Medal. Drake participated at all of the major national
track and field events, and Coach Easton was always there with his Kansas squad.

When Bob Karnes first introduced me to Coach Bill Easton, Karnes said, "I want you
to meet Rich Barnes, he's from Hammond High School!" to which Coach Easton
responded, "How's Miss McGranahan?"

Thereafter whenever I would see Coach Easton at a major track event, he would
see me and holler across the field, "Hey, Barnes! How's Miss McGranahan?"

Coach Bill Easton had recruited several cross-country athletes from Hammond High
School in the early '40s and together, while at Drake University, they won the
NCAA National Cross-County Championship in 1940 and again in 1942.

          Coach Bernie Krueger, as pictured
here in his senior year at HHS in
1944, was a star athlete, and
Captain of the 1944 HHS football team.
  Hugh Dawson, assistant coach
to Mr. King, was an outstanding
basketball player, being the
high-point man for HHS in 1944.
Mr. Hendricks and Miss McGranahan
exchange pleasantries near the
south entrance to HHS.



Wow, imagine that! Miss McGranahan and Mr. Hendricks , it is hard
to imagine they were ever young. They seemed like such old
fossiles when I attended HHS from 1960-1964.
-CRYSTAL OTTO 1964, Dec 25 2001

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