Thomas Alva Edison
Elementary School
50th Class Reunion
1955 - 2005

August 27, 2005
Hammond, Indiana

Photos and Images

    The 50th Edison Class Reunion began at 2:00 p.m. with a tour of the new Edison Elementary School.  While none of our teachers were present, we were honored with the presence of Mrs. Gordon Funk, the 90-year old widow of our former Edison Shop teacher! Here, Mary Zelencik, the official Edison School historian, shares a wooden sign that Mr. Funk made for Mary Zelencik when she first became a teacher at Edison years and years ago.

Mary Zelencik was kind enough to give a presentation of Edison's history and guide our group through the new Edison Elementary School in Hammond, Indiana.







Some of the statuary that guarded the walls of the old Edison School are now safely found in the courtyard of the new Edison School.


Following the school tour, the group moved to
 the Munster Social Center for dinner and fellowship.\

Georgia Sambliss and Steve Plantinga
(now Mr. & Mrs.) share a moment
at the Reunion with other classmates.

Len Clark, former 8th Grade Class President at Edison, claims he doesn't remember being the Class President but ended up cutting the 50th Class Reunion Cake and serving his former classmates.

Afterward, Len was informed that after 50 years his official constitutional obligations were fulfilled.


Bill Modrak and Bill Clawson, former neighbors and classmates at Edison, remember stories of growing up in Hammond, Indiana and enjoy one another's company.
Hartzell Scofield (left) and Jim Siedentopf become reacquainted and share great fish stories.

Missing the Class Reunion by two days, David Fary and Carole Salczynski have a chance to visit. For the past 35 years, David has served as a Capuchin priest in Nicaragua and came home on medical leave. David lived near Carole and they would walk to kindergarten together.
"I would sit and watch for Carole to come down the sidewalk and then I would leave for school and we walk to Edison together. One day Carole never appeared and I cried and cried. I refused to go to school and my mother let me stay home."
Bill Funk, Richard Barnes and Bill Modrak pose for this reunion photo. Bill now lives in Alabama but at Edison, Bill and Rich were "best friends." Bill Modrak played summer baseball at Riverside Park with the neighborhood guys and lived on the same street as Rich. It was a great time to be a kid, growing up in Hammond, Indiana and attending an excellent school.
Ida Grogloth Kain attended Edison School and graduated 9th grade in 1943. She and other Edison graduates were able to join the Edison Reunion and share their memories and experiences of
Lois Fredericks and Suzanne Leu (no longer their real names) were able to spend some time visiting and getting caught up on their lives since leaving Edison Junior High in 1955.
Not being able to attend the 50th Class Reunion, Rosie Rogers and her husband, Rich Vutech, share this photo. The couple now lives in California.
Sharon Duggan and her husband, Max, visited the Hammond area recently. They were unable to attend the reunion because they were moving into their new home.

The "Snowflake" or "Medallion" that once adorned the entryway of the real Edison School, now sits inside the lobby of the new Edison School. Other statues have been preserved inside the new building.

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Edison Elementary School /  1950 to 1955

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