Thomas Alva Edison Elementary School
Hammond, Indiana

1936 - 1991

Demolition Begins

    The following photographs were taken by Suzanne Leu (HHS '59) in August, 1991. They are presented in large format so that the viewer may notice how the building was dismantled before it was demolished. Notice that on the front of the building, the metal Snowflake art piece has been removed. The statues which adorned the entrance on the right and left have been also been taken from the front columns. The granite marble is gone as is the Elmslie decorative pier caps between the second and third floors (18 of them) which are seen missing in this photo. They reappear on the face of the new Thomas Edison Elementary School and have been preserved.    

    This is the north entrance to the auditorium. All artwork has been removed from the face of the building.    
    Looking to the southeast, viewers can see the windows that were broken out as desks and furnitures were simply tossed into the yard.    
    Our last photo looks north through the construction fence. The gymnasium wall and the south wing have already been removed as the wrecking crane stands off to the right to complete its job of demolishing the school.