Thomas Alva Edison Elementary School
Hammond, Indiana

1936 - 1991

Memo from the Principal's Office

Office of Principal


Nicely dressed boys and girls make a sharp looking student body; therefore, a neat appearance is important. The student who keeps himself well-groomed always makes a neat appearance. The well-groomed student has that spick-and-span, well-scrubbed look that comes only by watching the little things day in and day out, week in and week out.

Suggestions for the well-groomed student are:

  1. Eat a well-balanced diet.
  2. Have plenty of sleep.
  3. Bathe regularly.
  4. Change underwear daily.
  5. Use a deodorant daily.
  6. Brush teeth thoroughly at least twice a day.
  7. Clean hands and nails.
  8. Brush hair daily. This massages the scalp, stimulates circulation and distributes natural oils.
  9. Wash hair at least once each week.
  10. Make-up is generally inappropriate in the Middle School. If make-up is worn, wear just enough to look natural.

Each time you finish dressing, can you truthfully say, "Everything about me is fresh and clean – my body, my teeth, my hands, my clothes and all"?

The well-groomed student who also cares for his clothing properly finds himself admired by his friends. Evidence indicates that people act according to the way they are dressed. If you are dressed as a lady or a gentleman, chances are you will act accordingly.

Gentlemen are to wear shirts buttoned (top button may be left unbuttoned if wished) with shirt tails tucked inside trousers.

Trousers should be of shoe-top length and loose enough for suitable movement.

Sweatshirts are not considered appropriate school dress. Young ladies are to choose clothing styles that are becoming to you. Avoid tight-fitting clothes.

Dresses and skirts are considered too short when your girdle, garters, the top of your hose show beneath your dress or skirt when seated.

Dresses and skirts picked up at the hip should fall smoothly over the hips when dropped. Those that do not are too snug.

No slacks, shorts, or other play-type wearing apparel are to be worn at school or any school functions. Full skirt-type culottes are acceptable.

Gym clothes are not to be worn in other classes under street clothes.

Gentlemen should keep their hair clean and cut.

Young ladies’ bangs should end at their eyebrow.

Wayne Cunningham