Thomas Alva Edison
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Hammond, Indiana


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This web site is dedicated to all the young students, teachers and administrators at the Thomas Alva Edison Elementary School who came together for more than fifty years to learn, to teach, to govern this young academic community.

We invite you to share your stories, your photos and your memories with others on this historical web site.



The Edison Elementary School in Hammond, Indiana, originally stood at 625 Spruce Street and was built in 1920. In 1936, plans to build the new Thomas Alva Edison School were undertaken by the Hammond School Board.

Thousands of young children passed through here on their way to high school. At one point, Edison provided education for grades Kindergarten through 8th grade. It was one of the largest school of its kind in Northwest Indiana

.This web presentation is dedicated to the school structure built in 1937-38 at 7025 Madison Avenue. It was demolished in 1991 and replaced in 1992.

We are grateful to Mike Byelick, a graduate of Edison School in 1969, for the wonderful photos he is sharing with us. We hope you will enjoy the memories of Edison School just before it was demolished. You may see his pictures at or at "NEW PHOTOS OF EDISON SCHOOL" in the selection bar at the left.  Thank you, Mike...


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Edison Elementary School /  1950 to 1955

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