The Hammond Distillery
1901 - 1918

...artisan distilled spirits... an old industry for a new Hammond....


Once located at the southeast corner of present day Calumet Avenue and 150th Street, the Hammond Distilling Company was established in December 1901. The plant had a capacity of up to 50,000 gallons of whiskey a day which qualified it as the largest distillery in the United States, but was forced to close in 1918 due to prohibition.



Looking northeast on Calumet Avenue and the Grand Calumet River.


The M. M. Towle Distilling Company was formed in 1883. for the original purpose of manufacturing syrup from corn, and for making whisky out of the grain after the saccharine substance had been used in the manufacture of the syrup. But as the United States Government forbids the carrying on of any other business in the same building where distilling is done, the original plan was abandoned. The distillery building is a four story frame, 48x89 feet in size, and cost, with the apparatus and machinery necessary to carry on the business. $100,000. It employs twenty five men and has a capacity of 3,000 gallons of alcohol per day. The company is incorporated under the laws of this State. with a cash capital of $150,000. The officers are: M. M. Towle, president, and W. H. Gastlin, superintendent.

History of Cook County, Illinois
By: A. T. Andreas
Published by: A. T. Andreas, Publisher Chicago, 1884


  President George Washington distilled and sold his Rye Whiskey from his home in Mount Vernon, Virginia. Production has been resumed as part of the artisan distillery movement in the United States and his distilled spirits, using his original recipe, are now available again.    




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