Lake County Superior Court House
Hohman Avenue
Hammond, Indiana

Very early colored postcard of the Superior Court House built in 1903 showing a horse drawn wagon parked in front.
Notice smaller houses to the right and left as the city of Hammond poised itself for commercial growth.

This 1902 photo is looking northwest at the initial construction site of the Lake County Superior Courthouse.
The building at the middle far right is the "California Fruit" store on Hohman and Rimbach. The wood structure
will eventually become the site of Goldblatt's Department Store.
(Photo Source: Planet Hammond)

This historical 1903 photo shows the laying of the cornerstone for the Lake County Superior Court House in downtown Hammond.
This photo is looking west from Hohman Avenue at the corner of Rimbach. Attention to detail: can you see the three men
peeking from behind the flag? The constable on the wall who is checking on those sitting on the stone wall? Can you spot the
time capsule ready to be sealed? And the block of granite about to be lowered into place? 

This 1906 photo was taken from the front yard of Central High School, looking southwest.
The house to the right of the courthouse on Rimbach, can also be seen in the photo laying the cornerstone.
In fact, the cornerstone may be seen as the white granite block at the right front corner of the building.
The horse pulling the buggy at lower left may be getting a drink of water from the water fountain in front
of Central High School, placed there for the many horses that traversed Hohman Avenue.

  The Superior Court House in Hammond, Indiana, in 1906 was the legal and judicial base for the Northwest Indiana community.

The Court House sat on the west side of Hohman Avenue and Rimbach Street and because of the bend in Hohman Avenue, was the only building that could seen if you were at either end of Hohman Avenue.

(This bend in Hohman Avenue was referred to as "Broken Corner" by early residents.)


From 1917, you can see vintage automobiles placed around the Courthouse building, a sign of visitation and activity. Roof lines and dimensions have changed suggesting extensive remodeling and expansion of the building. Taken from across the street in front of the Central High School.

Notice to new portico added to the front of the building. It was decorative but some critics say it diminished the architectural style and it was later removed.





The Lake County Superior Court House was the icon for downtown Hammond, Indiana,
as seen in this photo from the Chicago Sun Times, May 31, 1929.



A final view of the Superior Courthouse in downtown Hammond shortly before the commercial center
came to a close. This 1963 photo was taken by the Chicago Daily News and was printed September 26, 1963.


If you were to climb to the very top of the clock tower (in 1910)
and look to the northwest you would see a residential section of early Hammond.  (Below)
The little shed-like buildings in the back yard are really outdoor privies. The lots were only 25-feet in width.

If you turned and looked South down Hohman Avenue in 1908, you would have seen this view:

The church at left center is the German Lutheran Church. The church faced south on Clinton Street
and was a major religious presence for the many German residents who helped to establish the
City of Hammond in the early 20th century.

The top of the Courthouse Tower gave the photographer an excellent view of the city that others could not see.
Looking North northeast up Hohman Avenue you see the rooftop of Lions Department Store (Goldblatts) and other
buildings beyond. The Jack Fox building is at the lower right. The yellow "T" marks the Towle Opera House.


The popularity of aerial pictures even includes the Courthouse itself. Here you can see the Broken Corner and the small stores and homes on Hohman Avenue adjacent to the Courthouse in this rare photo.