Thomas Alva Edison Elementary School
Hammond, Indiana

1936 - 1991


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Edison Class of 1961-Room 314


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The photos below present the Edison 8th Grade Graduating class of 1955

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  Top Row: Conrad Heisner, Jerry Pierson, Walter, Richard Sackville, Larry Armstrong; 2nd Row: Bobby, Jim Bell, Ted Miofsky, Lamont Wolff, Bill Clawsen, Bill Nolan, Freddy, Jim White, Jerry Borman; 3rd Row: Bob, Lois Fredricks, Arlene Harvey, Sarah, Beverly Contreman, Rosie Rogers, Teddy Allen, Randy; 4th Row: Carole Salczynski, Judy Jo Geicko, Iva Mae, Carol, Bonnie Williams, Sharon Duggan, Sarah Jane, Linda.  Teacher: Miss Vernon  
  Top Row: Billy Nolan, Lamont Wolff, Bill, Richard Sackville, Walter Graca, Conrad Heisner, Larry Armstrong, Jerry Borman; 2nd Row:  --?--, David Ferre, Carol, Arlene Harvey, Beverly Contreman, Rosie Rogers, Sharon Duggan, Jimmie Siedentoff, Freddy Perch, Roy Bennett; 3rd Row: Jim Bell, Ted Miofsky, Bob Lewis, Billy Modrak, Randy, John, Jim, Jerry Borman, Gregory Swantko, Bob Schwerein; 4th Row: Carole Salczynski, Lois Fredricks, Bonnie Williams, Sandra, Barbara Rush, Iva, Sarah, Teddy, Linda Labow, Judy Jo Geiko  Teacher: Miss Andrews  
Top Row: Billy Nolan, Jerry, Jimmy Siedentoff, Billy Clawson, Walter, Arnold Williams, Conrad Heisner, Lamont Wolff, Larry Armstrong; 2nd Row: Teddy Miofsky, Jim Bell, Freddy, John Nicsic, Randy, David Fary, Gregory Swantko, Roy Bennett, Lenny, Bob Schwerein; 3rd Row: --?--, Iva, Bonnie Williams, Arlene Harvey, Rosie Rogers, Sandra, Sharon Duggan, Billie Modrak; 4th Row: Linda, Lois Fredricks, Sarah, Barbara, Villa, Teddy, Carol, Judy Jo, Carole Salczynski. Teacher: Miss Wisner

  Carol Dolotowski Carole Salczynski Barbara Rush Bonnie Williams LaMont Wolff  
  Tom Lewellen Lois Fredericks Conrad Heisner Judy Jo Gescko Bill Modrak