The Hammond Civic Center



It was also the place for HHS Sock-Hops following
a football game. Great Rock-n-Roll music
  The floor of the Hammond Civic Center Auditorium is still in excellent shape.
It was the venue for exciting high school basketball games,
Sectionals and sometimes Regional competition, and much more...
    On the left, HHS' music director, Esther Waterbury, directs the city of Hammond's Spring Chorus in 1955.  Students from throughout the city were selected by their school's music director to be involved in the presentation. Four pianos and 3,000 students were challenged with making the cacophony of sounds into something resembling music.

All parents went home proud!


  The Hammond Civic Center was close to Hammond High School on the southeast part of downtown Hammond. It was here that a lot of kids learned how to swim. In junior high school, I was dependent upon Larry Armstrong's parents to take me to swimming lessons on Tuesday nights. Nick Powell was our swimming instructor. He taught thousands of kids to swim here. And after each swimming lesson, we would all come home smelling like chlorine and wet dogs.

Every year the circus would show up at the Civic Center and play to loud, obnoxious adolescents, many of whom would either charm their parents into taking them or threaten to run away from home if they didn't make it to the circus.

The kids taking swimming lessons at the Civic Center always had early notification that the circus was coming to town. Nick Powell would tell his students, "No swimming next week. The circus will be here." That meant only one thing: our pool was being turned over to the circus seals.

After our next swimming lesson, we would all come home smelling like chlorine, wet dogs, and seals.

Sometimes in the early morning, you could hear the bellowing of elephants when they were being unloaded at the railway station and paraded to the Civic Center.

  Special events hosted at the Hammond Civic Center include special political events with Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barry Goldwater, and other Presidential hopefuls.

Roller-Derby, Mud Wrestling, Jaycee Turtle Derby, Professional Boxing, Wrestling and other sporting events, have all been held at the Hammond Civic Center to provide the public with cherished memories of championship victories and defeats.

But most important to Hammond High graduates, the Civic Center was the venue for high school graduation.

Today the Hammond Civic Center stands as an important place for citizens for fitness, swimming, social events, clubs and organizations.



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