Hammond City Hall

The official nest of political corruption and intrigue sat across the street from Hammond High School. The Hammond Police Department operated from both the north and south entrance on the basement level. Here, too, were Hammond's jail cells, a reminder to all HHS students of their future plight if they ever crossed the line on political correctness and social mores. This included curfew violations where parents of HHS students were often called to pick up their wayward youngsters.

In back of City Hall were the City Gardens, established by the wives of industrial executives in an attempt to introduce culture to the community. Random encounters with Poison Ivy, however, was enough to keep trespassers away and preserve the springtime blossums.

Couples would look forward to noon walks in Maywood Park during the warmer months. Frisbee was introduced to HHS during the lunch hour. Students still learning to master the game could be identified by an occasional black eye or facial abrasion, encountered by running into a tree or a bush while chasing this new aerial toy.